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PPC Marketing Services for Growing Your Company

PPC campaigns are useful for businesses of all sizes – both small, local organizations as well as global corporations. We are recognized as a Google Partner and each member of our digital marketing team is AdWords certified.

This puts us in a unique position to tailor any campaign specifically to your budget. Regardless of how much you choose to invest in this venture, you can expect a strong ROI. This is because you are only expected to pay when someone clicks on your ad.

Pay per click Services Proven to Increase Leads, Sales, & Revenue

PPC campaigns are useful for businesses of all sizes – both small, local organizations as well as global corporations. We are recognized as a Google Partner and each member of our digital marketing team is AdWords certified.

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Advantages of our PPC Management

  • Keyword Research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Campaign and ad copy creation
  • Improved Conversion Rates
  • Campaign Optimisation
  • Higher Revenues
  • Higher ROI from Your Campaigns
  • Earn People’s Trust and Build Brand Reputation
  • Monthly Reporting

The most common form of Ad campaigns.

There are several types of display ads that you can incorporate into your campaign:

• Paid Search Ads

These are text ads presented at the top of Google search results page. They are relevant to specific keywords or phrases typed into the search engine. So, if someone is searching for products or services related to your brand, your ad will be placed at the top of the page.

• Display Ads

These ads may be text-based, images, or even short videos. They appear on websites and social media platforms. The goal of display ads is to convince your target audience to take a specific action of your choosing. In most cases, this involves directing potential customers to your website, where they can then make a purchase.

• Display Ads Retargeting

In some instances, display ads can be used for retargeting campaigns. These are only shown to users who have previously visited your website. The display ads can serve as a reminder to revisit the website and to commit to a new purchase. The main benefit of display ads is that they give you the opportunity to reach your target audience. This may be based on a specific demographic or users with interests related to your business. This way, you can guarantee that your resources are directed to the right place. Furthermore, the effectiveness of your display ads can be measured. This can be done via clicks, impressions, and conversions. In turn, you have the opportunity of reimagining the ads at every turn to ensure maximum ROI.

• Banner Ads

These are the most common display ad format and resemble banners. They are quite basic, consisting of hyperlinked image and text-based ads. They are most often found on a strip at the top of web pages.

• Rich Media

This is a more modern form of display ads. They involve video, audio, and similar components, and are designed to create more engaging content that visitors will be more likely to click on.

• Interstitial Ads

These are the most noticeable of display ads. They are a separate webpage that appears before you are taken to the original page that you meant to visit.

• Video Ads:

These ads are often found on social media platforms such as YouTube and Instagram. Users may be allowed to skip these ads immediately or after a short period of time. While they can be more expensive, they often do incur a great deal of engagement.

• Google Shopping Ads:

These are essentially shop-able ads that work well for ecommerce sites. Google shopping ads will show your product along with the title, price, name of your store, and more. This allows potential clients to get a better idea of what you are selling. As a result, these campaigns tend to have a higher ROI compared to other PPC Ads.

• Mobile Shopping Ads:

Ads targeting mobile users has become increasingly important for improved conversion rates and ROI. This is because a significant number of product and service searches take place via smartphones. We take the initiative by optimizing all ads for mobile. As such, you can guarantee that your campaign will reach users on a variety of devices.


Our Campaign Workflow

Keyword Research

Keyword Research

The right keywords can ensure the success of your campaign. This is why we begin each campaign by researching the most appropriate keywords for your products our services. We ensure that they match the user intent and justify your investment. This provides you with the best ROI possible.


Competitor Analysis

Knowing what your competitors are doing helps you to get ahead of the curve. We identify your top competitors and research their campaigns and landing pages. In turn, this provides you with better direction for your own campaign, improving your ROI.


Campaign and Ad Copy

We take a completely hands-on approach to your campaign. In addition to setting up the campaign, we will also configure all the setting and ensure on-going optimization. This is all designed to help increase your ROI.


Landing Page Optimisation

Landing pages play a significant role in your campaign. This is why we have a full in-house design and development team at your disposal. They can create landing pages that will increase the performance of your PPC campaigns.


Monthly Reporting

You deserve to know exactly how your campaign is proceeding. As a result, we provide you with in-depth monthly reports. These can be created to include your main KPI’s. In turn, this will help improve the ongoing performance of your campaigns.